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Wisdom Teeth ExtractionsOn average, we all have around 32 teeth once we reach adulthood, which is great if you can fit them all. The problem is that most peoples’ mouths can only hold 28 teeth. There can be some major pain and discomfort when those third molars (wisdom teeth) come in. There are a select few who may not need to have their wisdom teeth removed, but for many it can cause unnecessary pressure and ultimately throw off the alignment of the other teeth.

The Dentists at McPherson Dental Care are committed to removing those wisdom teeth before they get in the way and cause you serious pain!

Experts in Dental Surgery

We are here to give you our expert advice. Removing wisdom teeth can be a complicated and challenging procedure and shouldn’t be done if it they aren’t causing trouble. We are able to give you the best options for your dental health.

Quick Recovery Time

We make your experience here is as comfortable as possible by giving you proper sedation that is administered by a trained anesthesiologist. Our experienced staff knows what it takes to help you recover fully in a short period of time.

Your Dental Health is a Priority

Your health always comes first. We understand that any surgery can be a nerve racking experience. That is why we use the most advanced equipment and follow the most advanced surgical procedures in order to give our patients the most painless operation possible. You can expect a quick and painless procedure with proper follow-up appointments to assess your surgical recovery.

If you are experiencing pain or pressure with your wisdom teeth coming in, give us a call and set up your next appointment at our office in Hillsboro. We will get you back to your normal routine in no time at all!