Americans spend a great deal, time, energy, and money on making sure that their teeth look good. Many people invest in expensive and time-consuming teeth whitening procedures in order to ensure a dazzling smile. However, many different foods and beverages that we consume without even thinking about may not be the healthiest for our teeth. One of these beverages is soda. Not only does soda contain large amounts of sugar and empty calories, but it is also not very healthy for your teeth.
One of the main reasons why soda is not good for your teeth is because it is extremely corrosive to your teeth. Soda is corrosive is because of its high sugar content, phosphoric acid, and staining effect.
The sugar that is in soda is extremely detrimental to your teeth. There are bacteria on your teeth that use the sugar from soda to create acid. This acid is not helpful and only serves to wear away at the protective enamel that coats your teeth.
The phosphoric acid that is in soda is also not helpful to your teeth. This acid will erode your teeth, which very quickly leads to hypersensitivity. This hypersensitivity is a result of the erosion of your enamel, caused by the phosphoric acid.
The staining of teeth from soda is also undesirable. Soda discolors your teeth and creates a coating of sugar on your teeth. Bacteria in your mouth feed off this bacteria and multiplies.
Needless to say, soda is not good for your teeth.  Avoid soda in order to have a healthier smile and mouth. 

photo credit: International Man of Conundrums via photopin cc