What did humans use before toothbrushes and dentists to clean their teeth with? How did they keep their teeth intact from age 10 to sometimes well over 100?

A possible answer to that is the food they ate. There are tons of foods that are actually good for your teeth. Some clean. Others strengthen. Find out what those are below.

Foods that Clean Teethcarrots copy

Harder fruits and vegetables help to clean your teeth. Apples, celery, carrots, and even lettuce (ironically not very hard) help to scrape the plaque and bacteria from your tooth enamel. Eating a few of these every day will help to keep plaque from the opportunity of sticking to your enamel.

Many fresh fruits stimulate saliva (the body’s natural defense against plaque) which will help to wash out loose plaque. Water too will help you rinse and remove loose plaque in the mouth. Not to mention its fluoride providing potential when taken from the tap. Drink plenty of it, especially after finishing a meal.

Foods that Strengthen Teeth

Steak and other red meats provide phosphorus (which helps strengthen tooth enamel and bone). Dairy products are full of calcium and Vitamin D that do the same thing.

What to Avoid

Plaque works because it’s powered by one main ingredient, sugar. Bringing excessive amounts of sugar into the equation will often outbalance the cleaning and strengthening foods you eat. Moderate the amount of sugar you consume every day to ensure that the helpful foods have a chance to make a positive impact on your teeth.

So shoot to do some natural brushing by including the cleaning and strengthening foods into your everyday diet.