I am a non-flosser.  I know I should, yet I don’t.  The reason why I dislike flossing escapes me.  I cannot figure it out.  Flossing is not difficult.  It doesn’t take a lot of time.  I don’t skip flossing as a form of rebellion.  The best conclusion I can come to is that I am simply a lazy bum.  So this blog is to convince people like me why we should floss. 

Save pain

I don’t like pain.  You probably don’t like pain.  Does anyone really like pain?  Not really.  Just a few weirdoes.  By flossing daily, you’ll save yourself a lot of oral pain later in life.  Letting plaque build up in-between your teeth can lead to gum disease and cavities.  Both are painful and would keep you from the simple joys of eating (at least temporarily).  What a great reason to floss!

Save money

We all like to save money too, right?  Why throw away good money on dental work when it could be spent elsewhere…like your vacation fund?  Dentist’s office or Hawaii?  There’s really no choice there.  I’m convinced.

Your Image

Short-term thinkers who suffer no immediate consequences of not flossing might still need another reason.  What would happen if you ran around advertising the fact that you don’t floss.  How would people look at you?  No doubt, you’d get some looks of disgust.  Clean mouths, bright smiles, and smart brains all go together.  Build up your image with nicely flossed teeth!

Still not convinced?  Leave a comment below and tell us why you don’t you floss and what it would take to convince you!

photo credit: via photopin