Based on a survey of Americans, 50 percent said the first thing they notice about another person is their smile – also known as their teeth. It is clearly very important, but there are a lot of things you may not have realized about your mouth and teeth.

The hardest substance in your body can be found right in your mouth – your teeth. They are technically bone, but much harder due to the fact that they are constantly chewing your food down. This idea leads many of us to open things with our teeth which is still not a good idea.

The number one reason for tooth loss in the country is not opening bottle caps with teeth, but sports related injuries. This is why we have mouth guards as teeth are valuable and expensive to replace. On the same note, people that drink 3 or more sodas or sports drinks in a day are 62 percent more likely to have dental problems such as cavities.

Americans have a tendency to be unwilling to do what they are supposed to, such as flossing. Many choose not to, missing 35 percent of the surface of their teeth. Some choose to use toothpicks instead, which is the number one object most choked on by Americans. One man in prison even used his floss as a rope in an attempt to escape – which proves just how strong floss can be.

While you brush and floss your teeth, keep these facts in mind and never forget the importance of your dental hygiene.