When you bite your nails, you may be aware of the long-lasting effects it leaves on your nails. You may even be aware that the reason you are always sick is because of the exchange of germs between the grime your nails pick up and your mouth. But you may not be aware that biting your nails also does damage to your teeth.

Biting your nails wears down your teeth little by little. When you have a constant habit such as biting your nails, “little by little” tends to add up to quite a lot. Not only does it make your teeth wear down, it also causes your teeth to slowly misalign.

Putting any type of foreign object into your mouth, whether it be your nails, your thumb, or your pen, will slowly but surely begin to misalign your teeth placement. It forces too much pressure onto your upper teeth which makes them move forward.

If you have braces, it is an even worse idea for you to bite your nails. Your braces are working hard to put enough pressure onto your teeth to move them to a more natural position. However, biting your nails confuses the pressure on the teeth and directs them away from the position the braces are pushing towards.

Nail biting is just the beginning of potentially much worse disorders such as TM, which causes headaches, jaw aches, and locking/popping of the jaw, or bruxism, the habit of grinding your teeth down.  Before you start biting your nails, think of what it could lead to.